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Ground Gears

Ground Gears

We produce high quality ground gears, which is widely used in industries like, sponge iron plants, cement plants, sugar mills, mining industries and heavy engineering workshops. Ground Gears are known for efficiency, capable to carry loads, longer life and high transmission accuracy.

Ground Gears
J.V. Engineers specializes in the manufacturing of ground gears. We take pride as one of the most excellent ground gears manufacturers in the area. Our ground gears are created with quality and precision, making them fit even for the most strenuous industrial applications.

Ground gears are best used in sponge iron plants, sugar mills, cement plants, heavy engineering workshops, and mining. We specialize in each of these industries in order to provide superior products to our clients.

Our ground gears are known for their efficiency and resilience. They can carry maximum loads and has longer life compared to the types created by other ground gear manufacturers. Our gears are also created with high transmission accuracy that is perfect for your specialized nees. We manufacture ground gears of various sizes, modules, and materials. Send us your requirements and we’ll deliver them as described. Our ground gears can be made out of alloy steel, carbon steel, or any other materials as per your specifications. Our gear manufacturing capacity is 50 mm to 1,200 mm outside diameter. Unlike other ground gears manufacturers, we can create gears of up to 16 modules, both of the helical and spur types. We also make precision gears such as motor gears, timing gears, slewing ring gears, traction gears, and helical or spur pump gears.

The history of ground gears indicate that they were first used in trawling. And as they were being utilized over time, there are many types and variations created out of them. Manyground gears manufacturers focus in certain variants. Here at J.V. Engineers you that every single one of our products is manufactured accurately to meet the utmost demands of your applications.

Ground gears are preferred for their smooth and quiet operation. The average peripheral velocity of these gears is 1.5 meters per second. Manufacturers and industrial plants favorground gears because of their efficiency and capability. These gears also allow for profile correction and are more durable than its counterpart. Ground gears also assure optimum transmission accuracy during operation.

All these, and more, you’ll find in J.V. Engineers Make us your official ground gears manufacturer and we’ll deliver excellence and dependability in each of the gear you order from us. It’s a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with every product that you receive.
Ground Gears
Material : MS or Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel as per ASTM, BS, IS, AISI, SAE or any as per customer requirement.
Manufacturing Capacity : 30mm to 1,000mm Outside Diameter.
Module : Upto 16 Module.
Type : Spur and Helical
Gound Gears Manufacturers
Ground gear was start of trawling, there are various types of ground gears have developed. Ground gear was mostly used by trawls later rockhopper ground gear developed and accepted by maximum trawl fisheries. Ground gear teeth are designed with quality tip and root assistance to guarantee operation.
Ground Gears - Uses & Applications
Ground gears are broadly used in various industries like:

  • Fertilizer plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Sponge Iron Plants
  • Sugar Mills, Mineral Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel Rolling Plants
  • Material Handing Equipment, Machine Tools etc.
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Food Processing
Grinding Mills
Hot and Cold Rolling
Lock and Dam Machinery
Moveable Bridges

Stamping Presses Steel
Strip Processing
Surface Mining
Turbine Plant
Rubber Plants
Power Industry
Fertilizer Industry
Sponge Iron
Material Handling
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