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J.V. Engineers is engaging in manufacturing helical & double helical gears, helical gears are similar to industrial gears. Helical gears have slanting teeth which help in gear meshing, these gears are circular in shape where teeth are curved along helical path. Helical gear teeth is connect better than spur gear teeth and run better. Double Helical Gear is of cylindrical form, having two sections of teeth, right hand and left hand.

Helical gears can be configured either crossed or parallel, depending upon the application's requirements. Mechanically speaking, parallel helical gears are better. This is because the helices meet at a tangent. In the crossed version, they don't do so and the contact point is limited to the surfaces of the tooth. As such, the crossed helical gear configuration is not advised for use in applications that deal with heavy loads. This is why there are just a handful of helical gears manufacturers focusing in the production of the crossed version type.

Helical Gears (Single Segmented and Multiple Segmented)
Material : MS or Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel as per ASTM, BS, IS, AISI, SAE or any as per customer requirement.
Manufacturing Capacity : 30mm to 1000mm Outside Diameter.
Module : Upto 20 Module.
Type : Helical
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