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Sprocket Gears

With the help of a chain two small sprockets are connected on the engine when engine that rotates due to the force of the machine and other hand chain has been attached with larger sprocket located and attached a chain.

On one end of the chain is a small sprocket located on the engine that rotates due to the force of the engine.

On the other end of the chain is a larger sprocket located attached to the rear axle. This provides both forward and reverse momentum. The amount of rotation of each sprocket depends on the rotation speed of the driving sprockets, the number of teeth of the driving sprockets and the number of teeth of the driven sprockets.

Sprocket Gears
helical gear, spur gear, worm wheel, worm shaft, helical gear exporter, spur gear manufacturer, worm wheel exporters india, worm shaft manufacturers in delhi Sprockets are connected chains used in many different power transmission and conveyor systems. Adding sprockets are also designed to reduce noise. Sprockets are generally an economic, reliable drive for long running Application
Manufacturing Capacity : 30mm to 700mm Outside Diameter.
Type : Doublex, triplex or Quarterplex.
Sprocket Gears - Uses & Applications
Sprockets are widely used in cycles & bicycle (chain runs between two sprockets). Mainly its use in automobile and other similar machineries
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